Monday, May 11, 2009

"Being as successful as the Queen of Pop is certainly not something that takes place overnight and the first years of her career, when only few bothered to pay to listen to her music, are the best indication of that. All in all, it was worth waiting as now Madonna is the best paid female performer and soon to become the highest grossing singer for only one concert - she has just been offered £12.5 million for two gigs in Dubai."

"Prada is always considered one of the most important female figures in the fashion world to date. She never designs with an eye toward trends, and she has a blatant disregard for what everyone else is creating. Her collections are feminine but always intelligent and strong, and she has set a new standardfor ladylike but still powerful designs."


"More novel than short story, more ballad than poem -- writers agree that restraint and plain speaking were the qualities that distinguished President Obama's inaugural address. Long on plot (and it will thicken), it did what literature does best: the backward glance, the standing on shoulders, the salute to ancestors and other sources of wisdom."
"He is our first (in the best sense of the word) aristocratic president," author and journalist Malcolm Gladwell told The Times. "Bush was a buddy. Clinton was the kindly uncle. Obama is a prince."
"The Three Quotes Put Together"

"Sceintists have a thousand ideas, during those ideas only one turns out to be goodto a certain extent we have to believe each other as to the validity of the data, sinceman carrie the weight of gravity on their shoulders from birth they are bolted to the ground and man only have to sink beneath the surface to be free."

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Meeting Area And Ramp/Stairs

Keith Cambell Area

Alfred Nobel Area